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The things they carried essay question should be supported with history
The things they carried is a collection of stories that are related to each other, they have been written by Tim O’Brien, is a story of a platoon of the American army in the Vietnam war. Although, homework help online critics believed that the book is written on O’Brien’s own experience in the war the title of the book gives it an image of a work of fiction. The author believes in creating a bit of fiction in the novel in order to get emotions out of the readers rather than just writing down things as they are and not having an impact. If you are asked to attempt the things they carried essay questions this is the best approach you can adopt when you write.
As these are set of stories there are several different the things they carried essay questions that you can be asked to attempt. Based in the nature of the stories most of them may focus around the war stories that have been used in the book. There are chances that each question may require a different form of attempting the question that is put to you.
The things they carried essay question needs to be attempted with great care, as this is the book that focuses on history and thus you can look at different history books or even search online for information. If you look online you will be able to find information that you can easily include in your essay.The main character of the book focuses on a Lieutenant who was a protagonist, who was obsessed with young women. There are several essay questions that you can be asked:
1) What is the reason behind the behavior of the Lieutenant?
2) How can you justify the behavior of Lieutenant?
3) How is the book related to the real life of the author?
4) What was the way people behaved in the Vietnam War?
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All these questions need to be attempted firstly with the help of the details given in the book and next with the research that you conduct online. You cannot attempt essay questions on the book if you have not read the book thoroughly. Do not bank on the summary of the book in order to get information mainly because it will lack details and you will not be able to write in extreme detail on such an important topic.
If you do not have to the time to write the essay or read the book before you attempt the essay questions, then the best possible place to get answers to the things they carried essay questions is through the help of different essay writing websites, this can be done through many services that are available on the internet. This also has to be done with great care as many services may be there but they do not provide the service that they promise. You should take great care when you are looking to get answers to the things they carried essay questions.
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